What are Chizzy Mushrooms, you ask? Well, they're the rarest of the rare mushrooms. In fact, they only exist in your head. Yes, the imagination of all of us. So why are they rare if anyone can think of them? Because not many people know about thinking about them. Have you ever thought of a Chizzy Mushroom before? Probably not. If you have, then you are one step closer to being a really insane. But that also means that you're really amazing! So, the next time you think about them, remember to keep thinking. These mushrooms aren't poisonous. If they were, you could only think of it once and then, you'd die. These mushrooms are rainbow colored. To most people. If you think about it any other way, you're thinking of the Anonymous Mushroom which looks like any sort of mushroom imaginable. Except rainbow colored. So have a great time enjoying the Chizzy Mushroom!