Seddie is the paring of Sam and Feddie. They have been together for a long time, and have shown many signs of wanting to be more than friends towards each other.
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sam n freddy r like 2 ppl in the disney channel show i carly or somethin n they like hate eachuther n sam calls him nob alott n he calls her jurk so itz not rly like gud 4 kidz but i still watch it anywayz. i think like sam has a hamster named hurvey or somethin cuz i saw it in da episode where her broters drew and um i think it was bob camra flashed da hamster and he got an eating disorder and like sam cryed n freddy was like "boom beyotch u aint steeling my cream cake" wich idk if it aktully happen but i tink it did so ya. their culer iz purple. This is the best ever ever ever ever cutest ship evaaaaaa

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